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NCI Training has developed as a progressive training and development organisation that provides 'health, safety and environmental' services throughout the multiple disciplines of industry. As a result of the recognition for an enhanced approach towards the development of 'skills & knowledge' for key personnel NCI Training has developed a comprehensive list of creative & interactive training programmes. The main categories we cover are:

  • SHE Management & Leadership
  • Professional SHE Skills
  • Manual Handling & Occupational Health
  • The Environment
  • Plant & Equipment Operation & processes
  • Working in High Risk Area
Why us
  • Through our team and ourselves we bring over 50 years of training & development experience.
  • Training that focuses on the client specific needs in a challenging environment.
  • A balanced and interactive approach that is both enjoyable and informative.
  • Hands on 'skills & knowledge' assessments that encourage group/individual participation.
  • Improve staff morale and productivity
  • Demonstrate social responsibility
  • Reduce cost associated with accidents, incidents and subsequence claims
  • Increase business skills and knowledge base
  • Enhance market competitiveness
  • Compliance to legislation and industry best practice
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